How is plumbing related to data architecture?

When I was in Verona, I asked a few Italians: What’s the most important part of pizza? Which is like asking someone who’s God. Some said cheese, others said sauce, but the answer that rocked the room was dough. They battled over this like wolves over sheep, because it’s the base of everything. Every bite […]

Automation for humans

What's all this noise…? It’s marketing automation, working for you. I know, that's quite the name, but let's pause for a moment on the word 'Automation'. Wikipedia, Chapter 2, Verse 32: “Automation is the use of mechanical or electronic devices to perform a series of operations in a planned sequence, without human contact. Automation frees […]

Customer experience

Customer experience What is it?In meetings I hold, lectures, talks with friends, I hear a lot of answers:Service, convenience, process etc. So what is it really?Customer experience is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with your business. Moreover, it’s the feeling customers get after all the interactions they have with your brand.Yup, […]

Zeus and data marketing: How are they connected?

The ancient Greek deity Zeus wouldn't recognize the concept of email, he, like modern data marketers, leveraged prior knowledge to inform his actions. Just as Zeus considered his subjects' backgrounds before making decisions, effective advertising requires a personalized touch – a process kickstarted by data. Would you like to live in a world where everything […]

Beyond the Myth of Diapers and Beer

Anyone who knows a little about BI, Big Data, or Data Mining has heard about the charming (but obviously untrue) story regarding the direct connection they discovered at Wal-Mart between beer and diapers. Legend claims that one supermarket checked shoppers' shopping data at checkout. They found out that on Thursday and Saturday evenings, young fathers […]

The Search for the Perfect Marketing Automation System

Jack Sparrow once said, "The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." However, using the wrong marketing automation system may lead to a host of problems. On the other hand, choosing the right system and using it correctly can work wonders for your business: warming up leads, guiding them […]

Personalization is not just a first name

Background: Personalization is tailoring content, a product, or a service to match the needs of a client. Take this example, for instance: Your dog has a birthday, and the barbershop sends you an SMS like: “Hey Joey! Rin Tin Tin is 1 year old, and we wanted to spoil him with a bubble bath (with […]