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In the ancient past, there were passing trends for communicating – Messenger, MySpace, Skype – but today there is one king, and that's WhatsApp. The world before WhatsApp was a strange place: I remember trying to condense my SMS messages as much as possible to avoid extra charges. There was a time when people actually called or knocked on doors randomly! Truthfully, since this revolution, life became a bit easier. As a result, we can talk relatively for free; we can know when someone is available, when someone misses you, and when someone last looked at your phone before going to sleep.

WhatsApp has become an essential tool for brands wanting to establish meaningful connections with their customers. With over 2 billion monthly users, WhatsApp offers unique potential for businesses looking to engage with their audience on a personal level.

WhatsApp is not SMS (!)

Everyone receives SMS from unfamiliar or fishy places. This makes the platform less reliable. But WhatsApp? Friends send us messages there. We trust it. With the platform, brands can gain rich two-way communication with customers. Initially, WhatsApp served as customer support but quickly became a versatile channel. Various campaigns like welcome messages, promotions, and feedback surveys are routine with WhatsApp. Customers trust the system and use it to communicate daily because it's easy, convenient, and familiar.

Imagine this: You own a pet store. (Congratulations, we always believed in you) How will WhatsApp leverage your business?

Customer retention

By using retention methods, brands can leverage the platform with minimal effort. Here are a few examples:

  1. Exclusive offers (as part of a loyalty program or for WhatsApp registered customers only)

  2. Big announcements (upcoming products for pets, special updates)

  3. Milestones and events (adoption events, grooming workshops, etc.)

  4. Product education (educational content about care and training with products)

  5. Customer feedback and surveys

  6. Transaction updates (like order status updates and account statements)


Up-selling & Cross-selling

"Hey , I saw you bought a new bowl for Rex! Next time you want to buy food, we'll give you a 20% discount🤟"
How fun is that? You noticed me, knew the name of my dog, paid attention, and offered a discount. Perfect. Sold. This is how to boost sales with real-time WhatsApp, based on previous purchases.
You can also encourage purchases with messages about the latest accessories and even tips on pampering their furry friends. The options are varied, and every business can enhance customer experiences. Additionally, by immediately addressing any inquiry or concern via WhatsApp, you not only provide support but also gently push them towards additional purchases. It's like being friends with someone and discovering they sell burgers. You're friends, but you both benefit.
The immediate effect of upsells means money, but the real value is long-term engagement and loyalty.

So, how do you grow your audience today?

Building an audience is challenging for everyone, including Led Zeppelin in their early days. To expand the WhatsApp audience, we gathered a few tactics you can do today:

Hey, we're on WhatsApp!

Show that you're there too, spread it across all your platforms. Talk about it on social media to encourage users to sign up and receive exclusive benefits or updates.

Loyalty & Incentives

Turn those who register into VIPs. Make it personal and more rewarding than in other places. Offer incentives like discounts or exclusive offers to encourage users to join.

WhatsApp requirements

WhatsApp's privacy requirements are mandatory to maintain a positive user experience. Ensure users explicitly agree to receive messages from the business and provide clear information about the brand. WhatsApp restricts message forwarding to prevent spam and protect user privacy. Rightfully so.

Start with those steps. This may take time, but it's worth the investment. It moves you towards better engagement.

So yes, WhatsApp is the king.
But who's always behind the king?
The queen.
Someone who pulls the strings.
And that's Marketing Automation.
More on that here 😊

But yes, WhatsApp rules the communication channels. After all, we're all stressed when servers crash for an hour. With WhatsApp marketing campaigns, marketers can generate profits and better retain customers. You can nurture and develop engaging relationships over time. We love working with WhatsApp when it suits the target audience, and usually, it does. If you look at your screen data, WhatsApp is definitely in the top 5 apps on your phone. With the right Marketing Automation, you can reach a completely different world. Follow the tips given here and start building an audience on WhatsApp. Wanna learn about methods and marketing automation? Leave us a message!


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