Don't Buy This Album

(Email Marketing Headlines that Work)

If I had a punk band, this is probably how I'd name an album. But it could be anything else that catches people's attention. That's part of the art of writing headlines: some touch on pain points, some intrigue, and some simply demand a click because they're different, strange, or unique.

In 2020, an average of 305 billion emails were sent and read daily. That's a lot, and it’s only rising since Covid.
To stand out, the first thing you need is a good headline. According to HubSpot, 73% of millennials prefer receiving marketing messages via email. That means they know they're being sold to, and they even prefer it to be via email. In this article, I'll cover 6 types of headlines that can work well in email marketing. Each headline should relate to the message itself and your brand's tone of voice (more on brand tone in future blogs!)

These are 6 types of headlines you can use as a brand:

1. Curiosity-Driven Headline (No Spoilers)

Curiosity has been driving us since we were 4 years old. In the world of emails, action often leads to better engagement. In this sense, a warm welcome is powerful. It can make customers come back to your offers again and again until they're ready to make a first purchase or contact. If it's something touching, intriguing, and of course, relevant, they'll want to click to see what it's about.

Fitness: "Do this to get abs, starting today.”
Restaurant: "Why is our new cocktail out of stock every evening?"
Sports: "How Arsenal can steal Klopp’s last dream?"
Technology: "Live on Google Island for a year. Are you in?"

2. Value-Driven Headline
We all know we're being sold something. Make it worthwhile at least. If you have an offer, deal, discount, anything that can make the customer understand it's worth their while to open the email and engage – this is the place. Show them they're either about to miss out or gain something. Please note: It's not a good idea to encourage customers to get discounts or offers all the time. This will render them ineffective in the future.

Spa: "Want a free massage? This is what you need to do 🥰"
Alcohol Store: "Barrels running out soon, come drink us for 30% off till Friday"
Clothing Store: "Summer jeans (before summer starts) with 20% off!"
Cinema: "Movie day for $5?! Hurry before the good seats are gone!"

3. Pain Point Headline (Don't Be Afraid!)
Promise and justification, that's advertising in a sentence. A pain point and its solution answer it excellently. Your customers have something bothering them, and you can address it specifically. Now, I know, why spread a negative message if you can make it positive? But sometimes, the "see what happens if you don't listen to me" really work wonders. Anyway, God did it first.

Clothing Store: "Summer crisis? the only outfit you need for July!"
Alcohol Store: "New year party on Tuesday.. WHO CARES: 1+1 on wine"
Fitness: "It's not going to be easy… (but we're with you!)"
Resturant: "Bad day at work = Tasty burger at home"

4. Emoji-Infused Headline 😱!
How crazy is it that there's an emoji for 🐙 too? It's clear why it catches the eye. Along with proper text, integrating emojis can make the headline more sociable and interesting. (Regardless of the colours that make it physically more prominent). We talk like this with friends, and it seems closer to us.

Technology: "Virtual reality can look like this: 🏜️”
Fitness: "🏃 against 🚶‍♂️: What's the workout for you?"
Alcohol Store: "Pirates arrived at the store with new rum 🏴‍☠️"
Sports: "Is Munich ready? 🌭 Peek into Bayern's championship celebrations!"

5. Retention-Generating Headline
In email marketing, there's tremendous potential for customer retention. You can address their behaviors and preferences personally. The headline is a good place to create a personal message related to the activity (or lack thereof) of your customers. There are several ways to get their attention, from showing that the product has improved/changed to promoting a discount to return to the cart – in any case, you need to be creative with the subject line if you want to regain their interest.

Fitness: "Your free weights course is waiting. Heavily."
Restaurant: "Has it been a month since your last night out?"
Cinema: "Did you forget something? Your coupon for popcorn"
Alcohol Store: "We got you a sample, just because we missed you"

6. Proof-Based Headline
When there's a queue of customers waiting for a doner kebab, you know it's good and quality. But there's more than that: We trust expert opinions, friends' opinions, Wisdom of crowd, Celebs and more. While the type of proof you use in the headline will depend on the offer you're promoting, the key is to focus on highlighting evidence or numbers.

Clothing Store: "Style that suits customers like you"
Technology: "Fast response… they responded to your ad!"
Fitness: "Schwarzenegger's workout plan (and what you can do with it)"
Restaurant: "Recipes in 5 minutes from Gordon Ramsay"

So, what did we learn?
Saying "Don't Buy This Album, Kids" means they're going to buy it after School. That's how it works with an interesting, attractive headline that has some benefit for you.

It's crucial for sales promotion in email marketing. Without captivating subject lines, your emails will disappear into the dark world of spam (where all the crappy stuff is, definitely not you). I hope the blog ignites new ideas for your future subject lines. While there's no exact formula for writing headlines, when you see general guidelines and examples, you can draw important insights for your customer journeys and communications.
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