Zeus and data marketing: How are they connected?

The ancient Greek deity Zeus wouldn't recognize the concept of email, he, like modern data marketers, leveraged prior knowledge to inform his actions. Just as Zeus considered his subjects' backgrounds before making decisions, effective advertising requires a personalized touch – a process kickstarted by data.

Would you like to live in a world where everything is personalized for you?
Imagine living where everything caters specifically to you: weather, bars playing your favorite tunes, shoes perfectly fitted, and coffee brewed just the way you like it!

The Truman Show has never looked better.

The numbers also support it:
80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences!

But how can one engage with customers on a personal level? The following key points can help:

1. Analysis of customer data

2. Real-time optimization

3. Number of communication channels

4. Customization in the creative content

5. Testing algorithms

6. Segmentation of customers into groups

So that's how you can tell, for example, that:

A customer interested in vegan shoes will not buy a steak.
A customer who wants to fly abroad will not be interested in a hotel in his country.
A marketer who wants to interest his customers won't sell them things they don't need.

In many myths Zeus is described as being able to see into the hearts and minds of humans.
In today's world you don't need to be a god to know what people think – you just need a bit of motivation, relevant creative and quality data analysis.

Today it is much easier to know what is important to the customer and what is not. Businesses can use data marketing to adjust and improve performance. Otherwise, they shoot lightning from the sky without knowing where it hits the most.

If you have decided to aim better, we at Hipoo live and breathe data marketing. Our worlds are strategy, data analysis, creative, customer experience, marketing automation and more!

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